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Plant Growth Regulators >> Fulvic Acids



Fulvic acid is the most plant active of the humic acid compounds. It’s a plant growth stimulator that increases plant metabolism, nutrient in take and will help with root development. It is naturally created in soil by composting and can rejuvenate soil. Fulvic acid is an excellent supplement to fertilizers to improve nutrient absorption. It is also a source of nutrients for Mycorrhizae. We cannot do it from extracting from peats, it takes many tons of peat just to get only a handful of Fulvic acid. The best way to make money from fulvic acid is to mix them into fertilizer to improve the uptake of minerals by the plant. Dosage: A general rule is to mix 95% fertilizer with 5% fulvic acid. Fulvic acid can be used as a foliar spray or when watering your plants. Otherwise we can use it as 1 GRAM per 1 LITRE OF WATER.


Appearance Pale Yellow Powder

 pH 6

Fulvic Acid 81%

Nitrogen(N) 6%

Phosphorous(P) 0.05%

Potassium 1.04%

Amino Acid 2.5%

Water Insoluble Substances <1%