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Gargi Turns Your Crop into GOLD   -   Water Soluable Fertilizer

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Plant Growth Regulators >> Gargi Gibb (Gibberellic Acid-GA3-90%)



  • Synonyms: Gibberellin A3; Gibberellin; GA3; 2,7-dihydroxy-1-methyl-8-methylene-13-oxo-1,2,4b,5,6,7,8,9,10,10a-decahydro-4a,1-(epoxymethano)-7,9a-methanobenzo[a]azulene-10-carboxylic acid
  • CAS No.: 77-06-5
  • Molecular Weight:   346.38
  • Molecular Formula: C19H22O6
  • Structural Formula


Gibberellic acid GA3 is used as a plant growth regulator in agriculture



80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 95%TC

4%, 6%EC


10%, 16%, 20% ST (water soluble tablet)

10%, 20% soluble powder

Standard Packing
Aluminum jars; drums; foil bags